MMHS is not supported anymore since 01/01/2014.

About MMHS


MMHS or MediaAndMe MP3 Home Streaming is, as its name implies, a streaming system for MP3's, free, whose aim is to broadcast your music at home from a single computer to other computers, tablets, iPad, iPhone, Android, gaming consoles (Wii, PS3), mobile phones...

MP3 files are hosted on a single computer (the server) and are not downloaded or copied to other devices. Also, when mp3 file is added in the list, it is immediately available throughout the house.

MMHS is not intended to operate through the internet. Also, for reasons of respect for copyright and security for your equipment and your personal data, it is strongly recommended not to use it for this purpose.

Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to properly secure your wireless network with an appropriate key and all of your network installation by configuring properly the firewall between your network and Internet.

MMHS is not supported anymore since 01/01/2014.